Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance passing muster

Post-Foreclosure Landlords Beware

The relatively new Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance (KCRO) was the subject of an appellate case, Wells Fargo Bank v. Volneat Vanette McCondichie, released on March 31, 2017.  Readers will recall that the ordinance requires the first party that takes over a post-foreclosure property, under most circumstances, to either allow the tenants to continue with their lease or to pay a relocation fee of $10,600 to the tenants who vacate. Continue reading

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Chicago Title Seminar this Morning 4-3-17

I had a great time this morning, as always, presenting to fellow attorneys for Chicago Title Insurance Company at their training in Rolling Meadows with respect to updates in landlord tenant law.

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Look out landlords, rent control may be coming

rent controlRent control bill introduced

Chicago-based state legislator Will Guzzardi (39th District – D) has introduced House Bill 2430 which seeks to repeal the Illinois Rent Control Preemption Act.  That law, discussed in a previous blog entry, was passed in 1997 and prohibits local governments or home rule units from enacting any law, resolution, or regulation that controls rent.  At the time of its passage, then Illinois state senator Barak Obama voted against the law. Continue reading

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State of Illinois finally announces their 2017 security deposit interest rate

2017 security deposit interest rate Illinois2017 Illinois rate announced by IDFPR

Well, it took them about two weeks into the new year, but the State of Illinois has released the 2017 security deposit interest rate for those leases governed by the Illinois Security Deposit Interest Act.  The law applies to multi-unit residential properties containing 25 or more units for security deposits held for six months or more.  There is a change this year and the interest rate now matches the Chicago rate.  For 2016, the rate of interest to be paid for those leases is equal to .01%.  Here is a link to the historical rates.

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Should I evict? Naah, the lease is almost over!

Illinois landlords bury headWhy most Illinois landlords are wrong about their bad tenants!

Many landlords waver at the decision to evict.  That’s natural.  To most landlords, evictions are scary.  Worse yet, Illinois evictions are expensive, uncertain, and take lots of time.  Luckily, the vast majority of landlords have never even had to go through an eviction! Continue reading

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Is there an ordinance or law requiring renter’s insurance in Chicago or in Illinois?

Quick hit: mandatory renter’s insurance requirements?

No.  At this time, there is no ordinance in the City of Chicago that requires that a tenant obtain renter’s insurance.  In fact, there is no statute in the State of Illinois that requires a tenant to provide such a policy.  Landlords can, as a contractual provision and a requirement of leasing, require tenants to obtain renter’s insurance.  Further, there are condominium associations that require that landlords within the association force their tenants to obtain an HO4 or other renter’s insurance policy.

Please note: Quick hits are short, simple answers to questions landlords might be asking – as with everything in landlord tenant law – things are not always short and simple – always consult an attorney before acting!

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2017 CRLTO Chicago Interest Rate Summary Available

2017 rate of interest summary security deposit bilingual2017 Rate of Interest on Security Deposits released by Chicago Building Department!

It took a few days, but the 2017 Chicago RLTO interest rate summary is now available.  Remember, the interest rate for leases governed by the CRLTO entered into in 2017 is .01%.  This summary – the WHOLE THING – needs to be attached to any new or renewal lease pursuant to 5-12-170 of the ordinance.  For leases entered into in 2017, do NOT use the 2016 form! Continue reading

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New recycling ordinance requires another summary from Chicago landlords

Chicago recycling ordinanceNew Chicago Recycling Ordinance requires recycling flyer

Last summer, the City of Chicago updated the Chicago Recycling Ordinance.  That new law went into effect on January 1, 2017.  The new ordinance has a direct effect on certain Chicago landlords.  This law is not optional!  The City of Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation will be conducting inspections to enforce the new law.  Continue reading

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New lead law affecting Illinois landlords kicks off 2017

Amendments to Lead Poisoning Prevention Act regarding lead mitigation effective January 1, 2017

Back in August, 2016, the State passed amendments to the Illinois Lead Poisoning Prevention Act that affect landlords.  Many landlords are aware of the federal law that requires landlords of residential rentals built prior to 1978 to disclose information (reports, pamphlets, etc.) of potential lead-based hazards in their real estate.  However, many Illinois landlords are unaware of their obligations under the Illinois Lead Poisoning Prevention Act.  The new amendments deal with mitigation notices for lead paint hazards in an Illinois rental building governed by the law. Continue reading

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2017 Chicago Security Deposit Interest rate released!

2017 Chicago security deposit interest rateCity of Chicago retains same interest rate to be paid on Security Deposits under RLTO for third year in a row

On Friday, the City of Chicago released the new 2017 security deposit interest rate.  The rate is the for security deposits held for leases governed by the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (RLTO).  The rate has remained steady at 0.01% since 2015.   Continue reading

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