We do NOT represent tenants in Evictions

sorryJust a friendly reminder

While we sometimes take on a tenant security deposit recovery matter here and there, our office does NOT represent tenants in eviction cases.  There are MANY excellent attorneys in the City of Chicago who do represent tenants and suggest tenants contact one of them for assistance!

If tenants call our office, we will not be able to assist.

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Avoid employee leases in exchange of labor

workWhy it’s unwise to house an employee in return for services

There’s a story making the rounds on the news about a nanny in Upland, California who, despite the fact that she failed to perform agreed upon nanny services, has refused to vacate the home she moved into in return for her services.  The story even indicates that her “former employers” have tried to evict her in court without success.  Now, the family is living a nightmare with their children locked in their rooms at night for safety reasons.  I have always cautioned my landlord clients against a “work-in-exchange-for-a-room” situation.  This is one area where work life and home life should not be mixed.  Why? Continue reading

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The “cost” of having an attorney draft a Chicago lease

lease5Lease drafting not for faint of heart

Landlords are often surprised when they call me to have a lease drafted.  When I tell them that an attorney’s lease drafting assignment for a Chicago residential lease will generally take three to four hours of billable time, they ask me whether or not I have a “standard form” to provide to them at a lower cost. Continue reading

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You still don’t get it, do you Mr. Mark Brown?

everColumnist conveniently ignores fact that eviction system needs reform

Chicago Sun Times columnist Mark Brown is at it again.  He’s written another column calling out State Representative Monique Davis for her (third, revised) attempt to reform our broken Cook County eviction system. Continue reading

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Proposed Eviction Code Amendment Amended

sheriffhatYesterday, Rep. Monique Davis filed a third amendment to her proposed legislation to add a small, but meaningful, reform to the Forcible Entry and Detainer Act and the way that evictions are handled in Cook County.  The law started out as an attempt to thwart the Cook County eviction moratorium and has morphed via two wholesale amendments of the suggested statute into a pretty fair, in my opinion, proposal to change to reduce the Sheriff’s eviction backlog and speed eviction enforcement. Continue reading

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Sad reminder about landlord liability

jailChicago Landlord lands in jail over deaths related to code violations

Channel 7 is reporting that the landlord who owned the building where Chicago Firefighters died in a roof collapse has been sentenced to jail time and penalties for criminal contempt of court.  The landlord has previously been cited by the City of Chicago for building code violations and failed to make those repairs. Continue reading

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It’s a special process (server)

serviceThe use of special process servers to serve eviction notices

In most cases, the eviction process begins long before going to court. When a tenant defaults on a lease, fails to pay rent, or when a month-to-month tenancy needs to be terminated, the landlord must serve a “notice of termination” on the tenant.  This usually means placing the notice in the tenant’s hand.

Sometimes, getting the eviction notice served can be one of the hardest parts of the Illinois eviction process. Tenants who are at odds with their landlord or delinquent on rent are somehow able to find ingenious ways to be unavailable, away from home, or downright difficult to serve.  Worse yet, relations between the landlord and tenant can be so strained that a landlord may feel uncomfortable or even unsafe in serving the notice. Continue reading

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Local writer continues crusade against Monique Davis as Eviction-Reform bill passes first hurdle

time2Columnist blasts suburban cops as he rails against legislator rather than recognizing systemic problems

Chicago Sun Times columnist Mark Brown does not get it.  Back in February, I wrote about a law proposed by state representative Monique Davis, allegedly inspired by the legislator’s distaste for the annual winter eviction moratorium, that would eliminate bad weather as a valid reason to delay evictions.  Continue reading

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April 1 proposal seeks to overturn RLTO

stampactREPEAL IS AN OPTION (April Fools)!

A daring new proposal seeks to repeal the RLTO.  After years of tyranny against landlords, this must end.  “Let justice be done though the heavens should fall” said one legislator.  For years, landlords have faced burdensome regulatory requirements governing security deposits, lease provisions, and disclosure obligations.  The penalties under the ordinance are severe, unfair, and wildly out of proportion to the interests being protected.

“It is time to level the playing field – fair is fair”, one landlords’ rights advocate said.  Continue reading

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Certified mail service of eviction notices in Cook County?

postmarkA new case interpreting the Forcible Entry and Detainer Act demonstrates the difference between condominium and landlord evictions

The First District Appellate Court has just published an opinion to Courts of Northbrook Condominium Ass’n v. Bhutani which highlights a major difference between condominium association evictions and traditional tenant eviction cases under the Illinois Forcible Entry and Detainer Act.  The Northbrook case involves a condominium association eviction under the forcible entry and detainer statute.  Landlords might be interested to know that it is not just they who can take advantage of the Forcible Entry and Detainer Statute to recover possession to land.  Condominium associations have a separate right under the FED to file an eviction to collect past due assessments or to obtain possession of real estate owned by a delinquent condominium owner. Continue reading

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