Breaking down the new State of Illinois Eviction Order

New Eviction Form Released

Back in September, I wrote about changes made to the Forcible Entry and Detainer Eviction Act.  The gist of the changes was to get rid of the words “Forcible Entry and Detainer” and replace them with “Eviction” and to create a “standardized” eviction order.  The law went into effect on January 1, 2018 and the state-standardized Eviction Order (known as form E-O 3500-2 in Cook County) is now available in courtrooms and online.  The form is radically different than the Order for Possession form that many Chicagoland landlords may be used to.  Let’s take a closer look.  Continue reading

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City of Chicago releases CRLTO 2018 Interest Summary

For all leases governed by the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (RLTO), Section 5-12-170 requires that a landlord attach a summary of the ordinance and an interest rate summary to the lease.  The City of Chicago has finally released the summary that includes the 2018 security deposit interest rate.  The summary contains an English language and Spanish translation and BOTH must be given to the tenant regardless of the language used in the lease and whether or not the landlord collects a security deposit!

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2018 State of Illinois Security Deposit Interest Rate Released

Well, better late than never, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Division of Banking today (1/8/18) released the new interest rate for security deposits governed by the Illinois Security Deposit Interest Act.  That rate is Continue reading

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City Crackdown on Landlords over Heat

On January 3, 2018, NBC Channel 5 reported that the City of Chicago Building Department is taking landlords to court during this cold snap.  The report indicates that the Department of Buildings has received over 600 heat complaints.  City building inspectors are going out in response to 311 calls.  For those landlords who are not in compliance with the City’s heat ordinance, the City is bringing court actions to appoint receivers to run the buildings and provide the heat tenants are entitled to receive. Continue reading

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Amendment to Illinois Security Deposit Return Act Effective 1/1/2018

The Illinois Security Deposit Return Act has been amended by Public Act 100-0269, effective January 1, 2018.  Some of the amendments are small, like changing the words “rental property” to “rental premises”.  Other changes are more substantive and align the law more with the requirements of the Chicago and Evanston ordinances.  The Illinois Security Deposit Return Act applies to a landlord of residential property containing five or more units who holds a security deposit.  So what’s of substance in the new change? Continue reading

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Cold weather shuts down Cook County evictions

It has not yet been dubbed a polar vortex, but whether it is a “bomb cyclone”, “polar vortex”, or arctic air mass, one thing is certain, it is COLD!  Despite the end of the scheduled holiday moratorium on eviction enforcement in Cook County, with temperatures expected to be below 15 through the weekend, the Sheriff is not evicting this week.  Continue reading

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2018 Chicago Security Deposit Interest Rate Released

The more things change…

The City of Chicago holds the interest rate steady for a fourth year at .01%.

If any Chicago landlords governed by the CRLTO are still taking security deposits, this is the rate of interest that must be paid.  Don’t forget to attach the security deposit interest rate disclosure to the rental agreement even if there is no deposit!

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Rent control advocates employ new tactic

Push to erode landlord rights continues

The Chicago Sun-Times published a story today explaining that advocates in favor of rent control are going to make the issue a referendum on ballots in the March, 2018 primary elections.  I’ve been reporting on this movement this year and this latest tactic is one more attempt by rent control advocates to reverse a state-wide ban on rent control. Continue reading

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Class Action Attorneys sue Property Manager under CRLTO

Failure to provide CRLTO Summary at issue

That silly little summary of the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance that needs to be attached to every lease governed by the CRLTO.  It’s no big deal, right?

Wrong.  Class action attorneys at JS Law have filed a case against Mac Property Management LLC that we will be watching closely.  The case was brought in the chancery department of the Circuit Court of Cook County under case 2017CH13659.  The suit alleges that the landlord failed to attach the CRTLO summary to a tenant’s lease and the leases of other tenants and seeks to certify a class. Continue reading

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2017 2018 Cook County Eviction Moratorium Announced

Baby, it’s (NOT) cold outside

Well, it’s 61 degrees here in Chicago, but that doesn’t mean your eviction case won’t be delayed at least a tiny bit this holiday season.  On November 21, 2017, Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Presiding Judge of the First Municipal District of the Circuit Court of Cook County issued General Order 2017-01 which sets the dates and terms for the 2017 moratorium on the enforcement of orders for possession in forcible entry and detainer eviction cases in Cook County.  The text of the order is as follows: Continue reading

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