Update on Legislation

Looks like none of the laws up for vote on April 15, 2015 passed.

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4 Responses to Update on Legislation

  1. linda says:

    Hi my name is Linda, I have a question here…if we’re being evicted & my landlord’s partner is accepting our rent from my fiance’s boss is this eviction still effective??

    • Richard Magnone says:

      Linda, you MIGHT have a defense to your eviction. I don’t have all of the facts, but when a landlord accepts rent within certain time periods or pursuant to certain parts of the CRLTO, a landlord’s notice may be deemed defective. I don’t know where your property is and I don’t know exactly the relationship between your partner and your fiance’s boss, so I can’t say what would happen in your case. We don’t represent tenants in evictions, so you should contact a tenant’s rights attorney at once to learn and defend your rights.

  2. Barbara says:

    Hello I been to court and i was ordered to move july 2 but i haven’t moved yet because I’m sick how long do i have before the sheriff remove me from the property.

    • Richard Magnone says:

      My official position is that tenants should vacate once a judge’s order for possession expires. If you believe you have some tenant’s rights, you should contact a tenant’s rights attorney.