Quick Update on Sheriff Timing

Recent anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that the Cook County Sheriff is running “about” five weeks to enforce an Order for Possession for a Chicago eviction.  While we can’t guarantee that this is the time for all districts in Cook County, we like to report on “random” eviction placements now and then.  Any eviction might take longer or shorter and, of course, with the winter months approaching, we can expect that the time for eviction enforcement will probably be getting longer as the cold winter weather comes around.

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2 Responses to Quick Update on Sheriff Timing

  1. Briana says:

    My landlord put and eviction notice on my door , never in my hand. Now I have been keeping them posted and making paymentarrangements with them. No one told me I was at risk of eviction..they kept accepting my money. Then on October 10th 2012, the property manger put the five day notice on my door. I plan on moving out by November2,2012..now am I going to get evicted before the???

    • Richard Magnone says:

      Briana, As you might know from reading our blog, we don’t represent tenants. Evictions and the possession of your property is a serious matter. You need to contact a tenant’s rights attorney IMMEDIATELY to see if you have any rights and to protect them if you do.

      Keep in mind that, generally, an eviction notice like a five day notice is the FIRST STEP in the eviction process. If a tenant tenders the full amount due within the five days, an eviction can be avoided. I don’t know enough facts to give you any legal advice to rely upon, so you should consult with a tenant’s attorney to protect yourself.