Service of eviction notices in Cook County

Today, I presented a seminar on behalf of Chicago Title about the “basics of evictions in Cook County”.  We discussed the current status of the law “in practice” in courtroom 1404 with respect to the cases Figueroa v. Deacon and Prairie Management v. Bell when it comes to the service of a notice of termination pursuant to Section 9-211 of the Illinois Forcible Entry and Detainer Act.  Presiding Judge Murray has taken a position on the issue in the written opinion Mac v. Brewer.

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6 Responses to Service of eviction notices in Cook County

  1. Tenant Missing says:

    What do you do if you cannot reach the tenant? I went to the place of work, and no one has heard from the tenant. How do I serve a notice of five days on a tenant that I cannot find?

    • Richard Magnone says:

      The statute has a provision for posting if no one is in actual possession, however, the facts need to support that there is no one in actual possession. This is sometimes quite difficult to prove and, like a tenant, it can “come back” and bite the landlord.

  2. Lois Ryan says:

    I have been assigned the right to Forcible Entry and Detainer Action and have been assigned a number. Eviction by the sheriff should take place within the coming week. After eviction what does the landlord typically do with the personal property of the tenant?

  3. Tenant Hiding says:

    My annual garage lease in cook county with the tenant expired on 10/04/2014. It has not been renewed, the tenant has not paid to renew, and has not returned my call regarding status on renewal. I sent a letter on 11/13/2014 by certified mail with return signature request to vacate by 12/31/2014 but no recipient was available to receive the letter. The tenant is mostly using the garage as storage and is infrequently found there. What is the next step to properly serve this tenant? Should I post the notice letter on the garage door and take a picture for the record? As pertaining to eviction process, isn’t it pertinent that the lease we had had a definite termination date which it is now past? Thank You.

    • Richard Magnone says:

      The tenant has a tenancy. It needs to be properly terminated. That could be merely by the lease expiration (mostly in places outside of Chicago), but the lease needs to be examined closely to determine if, for instance, the lease does not automatically renew. Without knowing more facts, I can’t provide a complete answer.