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2012 Landlord-Tenant Year In Review

2012 It was generally a good year for Chicago landlords.  Rents increased and vacancy rates were low.  Compared to 2010 and 2011 when there was a high amount of landlord-tenant legislative activity, 2012 was a pretty tame year for landlords.  … Continue reading

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Cook County orders 2012 winter eviction moratorium

For information on the 2013-2014 moratorium, click here! In the spirit of the holiday season (or at least so they don’t look like the Grinch), the Circuit Court of Cook County generally provides tenants with an early Christmas present at … Continue reading

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Notice of code violations and utility shut offs under the CRLTO

Landlords of tenancies covered by the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance must make a number of disclosures to prospective tenants before entering into a lease.  One such required disclosure, found in Section 5-12-100 of the CRLTO, is the notice … Continue reading

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Smoke ’em if you got ’em? Smoking policies for landlords

A friend of mine in the real estate industry called me the other day and asked me if it is legal for a landlord to prohibit smoking in an apartment.  She was concerned about fair housing laws, and with good … Continue reading

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What happens after getting an order for possession?

So, the landlord has served a notice, waited the notice period, filed a lawsuit, went to court, and had a trial.  At the end of the trial, the court awarded the plaintiff-landlord an “order for possession”.  The order for possession … Continue reading

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