January 2013 update on Cook County Sheriff’s eviction speed

sherspdIt is, of course, impossible to know an exact time for Cook County eviction enforcement, but my experience is that there is only a short delay right now.  My best guess as to the current timing from placement of an order with the Shriff to eviction is just about 5-6 weeks.  This is quite good considering the 17 days off in December and January.  Cook County landlords should hope that the mild weather continues.  Of course, every situation is different and your eviction enforcement may take more or less time.  Good luck!

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12 Responses to January 2013 update on Cook County Sheriff’s eviction speed

  1. Erica says:

    I have a tenant that has been living in my unit for four months of no payment. Six weeks ago the court process was started and there is still no serving of court papers to tenant. This is very costly to have to continue to go without rent payment. What actions can I do to get this moving faster?

    • Richard Magnone says:

      Erica, I don’t know all of your facts, however, when a landlord files a case and is provided an original return date and the Sheriff returns service “not found”, the landlord plaintiff has the right to ask the court to issue an “alias summons” and to have a special process server appointed by the court to serve the summons and complaint on the tenant. My experience is that a special process server usually has a better chance at success in service because they can more closely work with the landlord to find out the best times to attempt service. After the landlord has tried a process server and the Sheriff and failed to obtain service and has made due inquiry and exhausted options to find and serve the tenant, the landlord can petition the court to allow a Sheriff’s posting which will provide the landlord with “in rem” jurisdiction over the property allowing the case to proceed (the court can issue an order for possession on a posting but cannot order a money judgment).

      Erica, I don’t know where you are exactly in the process, so I can only urge you to seek legal counsel so that you can learn about your options and how to best move your case along.

  2. Tina Patterson says:

    I am a landlord in the process of evicting a tenant, is the time frame for forcible entry still 5-6 weeks ?

  3. Kevin Randolph says:

    Are you aware of any changes in the Cook County eviction speed? Is it about the same as it was in January?( 5-6 weeks)

  4. Katina says:

    I have a question. My “stay” period has ended, but ,my new apartment will not be ready for another 2 weeks. Is the time line for evictions the same now , about 5-6 weeks?
    Also is the eviction schedule on the cook county website accurate?


    • Richard Magnone says:

      We never know at any given time how long the Sheriff is taking. However, the Sheriff’s website is, to my knowledge, pretty accurate. The Sheriff’s office, like any other office where humans work, makes mistakes, but they are usually correct.

  5. butta says:

    How far behind are sheriffs in evicting tenants, I have been watching the eviction list online and still haven’t seen my receipt number as of yet. I am a landlord.

  6. theresa says:

    How can I find out when an eviction will take place? I am the landlord and this was filed with Sheriffs dept on 11-26-2013 by my attorney? how can i find out what district this is in? The apartment is in Rosemont, IL

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