Richard Magnone to present to @properties agents

atsemIt has been awhile, but I will be presenting my seminar “Real Estate Agents and Leasing Issues in Chicago or Most of What Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know to Make a Lease” to the agents of @properties at their Ohio Street office on January 29, 2013.  The seminar is a great introduction to the many laws that affect real estate agents and their landlord-tenant clients when making a lease in Chicago.  I look forward to meeting some of the @properties agents who I know read this blog!

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2 Responses to Richard Magnone to present to @properties agents

  1. Kimberly says:

    Can anyone come to the seminar. I am a leasing agent in the process of obtaining my license. I believe this seminar will help me.

    • Richard Magnone says:

      I would assume that @properties is in charge of scheduling this. You might want to contact them, although I suspect that they may make my seminar available only to their own agents.