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Eviction Notice Affidavit of Service

The affidavit of service causes confusion in Illinois eviction & forcible entry & detainer cases in Chicago, Lake, Cook, & DuPage counties

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4 Mistakes Landlords Make with the 5 Day Notice

Don’t make these mistakes with the 5 Day Notice The five day notice for non-payment of rent (by the way, it is 10 days in Evanston, thank you very much) – it’s that “simple” little notice that is the beginning … Continue reading

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Certified mail service of eviction notices in Cook County?

The differences between landlord tenant service via certified mail and condominium association evictions

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Acceptance of rent after expiration of 5 day notice

Illinois Landlord still wants to evict but accepted rent after 5 five day notice non-Chicago

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Notice of Intent Not to Renew under the CRLTO – when a 30 day notice becomes a 60 day notice

Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance governs lease renewals at end of lease term 5-12-130 rental agreement termination notice. When 30 day becomes 60 day.

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What is the best time to serve a notice for nonpayment of rent?

Best time for landlord of rental property to serve five day notice for nonpayment of rent

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7th Circuit clears up Fair Debt Collection issue

In 2009, the Third District of the Illinois Appellate Court issued an opinion in American Management Consultant LLC v. Carter that, in part, confused landlords and their legal counsel.  In the case, involving an appeal of a Bolingbrook forcible entry … Continue reading

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Partial Payment after 5 Day Notice in Chicago

Consequences accepting partial rent payment after service of five day notice of termination for nonpayment under Illinois & Chicago law waiver

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February Makes One Think

During a short month like February, landlords must be careful to have a full understanding of the timing requirements of a thirty day notice

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What Should a Landlord do if a Tenant’s First Security Deposit & Rent Check Bounces?

Procedure for Chicago landlords when a tenant bounces a security deposit or rent check under a lease for landlord tenant law

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