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Refresher on evicting a family member in Illinois

I have discussed roommate, guest, and family member evictions in the past, however, based on the number of recent questions I receive about Illinois evictions of family members and close relatives, I thought a refresher might be in order.

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Quick Update: Moratorium Ends

Good news for landlords.  The winter eviction moratorium is over.  The Cook County Sheriff began evicting tenants again today.  Landlords waiting to find out when their order for possession will be enforced can find the schedule for evictions on the … Continue reading

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Cook County orders 2012 winter eviction moratorium

For information on the 2013-2014 moratorium, click here! In the spirit of the holiday season (or at least so they don’t look like the Grinch), the Circuit Court of Cook County generally provides tenants with an early Christmas present at … Continue reading

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Service of eviction notices in Cook County

Today, I presented a seminar on behalf of Chicago Title about the “basics of evictions in Cook County”.  We discussed the current status of the law “in practice” in courtroom 1404 with respect to the cases Figueroa v. Deacon and … Continue reading

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Proper district in Cook County for venue to file eviction

A landlord has served a tenant with a five day notice.  The tenant failed to pay and the landlord is ready to take the “next step” in the eviction process.  So, where should a landlord file a Cook County forcible … Continue reading

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Single Action Eviction versus Joint Action Eviction

Sometimes, landlords can be confused by the terminology they may hear in the eviction courts in Illinois.  When an attorney steps up before a judge in the eviction court, he or she will recite a sort of preamble to the … Continue reading

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NATO Conference interrupts Cook County eviction filings

Because of the NATO Conference in downtown Chicago, the Clerk of the Circuit Court is not currently accepting new eviction filings for the week of May 14, 2012 to May 18, 2012.  Right now, the soonest return date available for … Continue reading

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Stick to the basics when it comes to evictions for nonpayment of rent

By now, my readers should know that the Illinois forcible entry and detainer statute is hyper-technical.  It is easy to get “off track” in an eviction.  Landlords can get easily distracted from the essentials of an eviction case.  When that … Continue reading

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How we bill for an eviction case

We get calls every day from landlords asking how we bill our eviction work.  While we are always happy to spend five minutes on the phone free of charge with landlords to see if we are a match for an … Continue reading

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Quick note: Cook County Sheriff speed

Right now, based on anecdotal experience, the Cook County Sheriff seems to be taking around four to six weeks to come out to enforce an order to evict a tenant. Frankly, for January and compared to previous years, that’s pretty … Continue reading

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