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2014 State of Illinois Security Deposit Interest Rate set

Illinois landlords need the 2014 security deposit interest rate for tenancies governed by the Illinois Security Deposit Interest Act

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Landlords beware: assessor can now crack down on wrongful property tax exemptions

The Illinois Legislature has passed an amendment, effective immediately, to the Illinois Property Tax Code adding a new section to the law at 35 ILCS 200/9-275.  The law, which has been long opposed by Illinois landlords, allows the county assessor … Continue reading

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How long will it be until Chicago landlords mimic San Francisco’s landlords?

Chicago landlords need to comply with lots of laws and many are selling instead of renting

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Move-out inspections in Illinois and bad faith

Ikari v. Mason Properties holds that a landlord acted in bad faith by reusing two No. Illinois tenants a move out inspection at the end of lease

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State of Illinois sets 2013 security deposit interest rate

New interest rate for Illinois security deposits for 2013

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Is there rent control in Chicago?

Illinois rent control preemption act prevents governments from enacting rent control laws limiting rent increases landlords charge tenants

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Illinois Security Deposit Return Act amendment awaits Gov’s signature

Illinois legislature set to amend 765 ILCS 710/1 allowing email notification to tenant – HB5314 is awaiting Governor Quinn’s signature.

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