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No one wants to think about winter but…

Chicago Landlords Turn Up the Heat Here’s our annual reminder that Chicago landlords responsible to supply heat to their tenants are now within the required City of Chicago time period for heating.  The Chicago Municipal Code (13-196-410) requires minimum amounts … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Ryan Coon talks about developing landlord systems

What Large, Successful Landlords Do (and you should too!) This moth’s guest blogger is Ryan Coon.  Ryan is a co-founder of Chicago-based startup Rentalutions. Ryan has written a short article on how smaller rental operators can get the same results as … Continue reading

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Chicago Title seminar on landlord ice and snow liability

Residential landlords and snow! Yesterday, I attended a great seminar put on by Chicago Title in Gurnee about fire and snow issues and landlords.  In the past, I have blogged a bit here and here about landlord obligations related to … Continue reading

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More musings on the first-time Chicago landlord

Here I go again. Sometimes, when I write a blog article like this one, I wonder if anyone actually ever reads it.  I really hope that people do.  In fact, I hope that new and first-time landlords find this article … Continue reading

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Having tenant troubles? Don’t just “fix the glitch”

The scene is from the movie Office Space: Bob #1: Uh, Milton Waddams. Dom: Who’s he? Bob #2: You know, squirrely looking guy. Mumbles a lot. Dom: Oh, yeah. Bob #1: Yeah, we can’t actually find a record of him … Continue reading

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Illinois landlord tips for move in and move out

Tips for Illinois Landlords This week, I will be focusing on issues related to “moving” in the rental world.  Here’s the first in a series of posts helping landlords deal with move-in and move-out.  As my readers may be aware, … Continue reading

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Landlord psycology and the “line of death”

Back in 1986, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi re-instituted a decade old claim that the Gulf of Sidra was part of Libyan territory.  He claimed that if Americans crossed the “Line of Death” from the Mediterranean Sea into the gulf, they would … Continue reading

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2012 Landlord-Tenant Year In Review

2012 It was generally a good year for Chicago landlords.  Rents increased and vacancy rates were low.  Compared to 2010 and 2011 when there was a high amount of landlord-tenant legislative activity, 2012 was a pretty tame year for landlords.  … Continue reading

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Believe it or not, landlords are people too

That may come as a shock to some tenants.  My regular readers might be surprised to know that this blog, despite being landlord-centric, gets lots of attention from tenants.  Despite the fact that our firm represents mostly landlords (we do … Continue reading

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No money? No Keys!

Meet Bill.  He’s owned a condo in the West Loop for six years.  Two years ago, Bill got married.  He and his wife just closed on a new home in Wheaton.  Bill never intended to own his condo this long, … Continue reading

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