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Should Chicago landlords want a guarantor?

To co-sign or not to co-sign? The intrepid Kay Cleaves over at contacted me a few weeks ago with a blog idea on the topic of accepting lease guarantors and co-signers.  With students who have little or no credit … Continue reading

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Avoid employee leases in exchange of labor

Why it’s unwise to house an employee in return for services There’s a story making the rounds on the news about a nanny in Upland, California who, despite the fact that she failed to perform agreed upon nanny services, has … Continue reading

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The “cost” of having an attorney draft a Chicago lease

Lease drafting not for faint of heart Landlords are often surprised when they call me to have a lease drafted.  When I tell them that an attorney’s lease drafting assignment for a Chicago residential lease will generally take three to … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new renting season

Especially in Chicago, September seems to be the beginning of a the “new year” for renting.  The huge number of Chicago leases run through the end of September and this means that October 1 is usually the biggest moving day … Continue reading

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Illinois landlord tips for move in and move out

Tips for Illinois Landlords This week, I will be focusing on issues related to “moving” in the rental world.  Here’s the first in a series of posts helping landlords deal with move-in and move-out.  As my readers may be aware, … Continue reading

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Smoke ’em if you got ’em? Smoking policies for landlords

A friend of mine in the real estate industry called me the other day and asked me if it is legal for a landlord to prohibit smoking in an apartment.  She was concerned about fair housing laws, and with good … Continue reading

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Notice of Intent Not to Renew under the CRLTO – when a 30 day notice becomes a 60 day notice

As Chicago landlord-tenant attorneys, one situation that we frequently run into is when a Chicago landlord is forced to serve a sixty (60) day notice to terminate tenancy instead of a thirty (30) day notice.  This situation arises when the … Continue reading

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Compliance with the Chicago Heating Cost Disclosure

Certain Landlords must provide a heating cost disclosure in Chicago Tenants responsible for paying for the cost of their gas or electric can often be surprised by the high price of their energy bills.  To combat the impact of those … Continue reading

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Chicago’s first blizzard and landlord tenant snow removal

City of Chicago rules for shoveling sidewalks! Remember, the city requires that Chicagoans must remove ice and snow after a snowfall. Our first big snow of 2011 calls for a refresher with this link to our post from February about … Continue reading

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But there is no lease!

I was recently contacted by a property owner who inquired about removing a tenant who is renting a room in the property owner’s house.  I explained to the property owner that the procedures of the Forcible Entry and Detainer Act … Continue reading

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