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But there is no lease!

Not having a written lease does not make an Illinois eviction any easier or faster. Law in Chicago Cook DuPage Illinois when no rental agreement

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Illinois Residential Real Property Disclosure and Leases?

Believe it or not, Illinois Residential Real Property Disclosure Act may apply to certain Illinois landlord tenant lease transactions.

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Governor Quinn signs new eviction legislation SB 1766

New Illinois law requires tenant notice in lease of lessor’s right to evict tenants & guests who commit crimes on or around a rental property

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Crime Free Addendums in Illinois

The requirement for landlords to include a crime free lease addendum in Illinois leases

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Illegal late fees under Chicago leases

Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance restricts a lessor’s late fees charged to a lessee on Chicago Illinois covered rental agreements

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Can a Chicago landlord refuse a sublese?

subleasing & sublease issues for landlords tenants lessors lessees sublessor sublandlord in Chicago Illinois assignment sublet

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Illinois landlord tenant insurance requirements

The obligation of a landlord to disclose insurance requirements or terms and information pursuant to the forcible entry and detainer act 735 ILCS 5/9-320

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Top Five Reasons to Have an Attorney Draft Your Lease

It makes sense to have an experienced Illinois attorney assist a landlord with drafting a rental agreement so that there are fewer lease problems with tenants Continue reading

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