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Proposed law seeks to impose penalties on landlords for tenant crimes

IRPOA urges landlords to contact their representatives Senate Bill 1547 has passed the Illinois Senate and is being debated in committee tomorrow at 10am in the Illinois House Judiciary Committee.  The Illinois Rental Property Owners Association is asking landlords to … Continue reading

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Landlords beware: assessor can now crack down on wrongful property tax exemptions

The Illinois Legislature has passed an amendment, effective immediately, to the Illinois Property Tax Code adding a new section to the law at 35 ILCS 200/9-275.  The law, which has been long opposed by Illinois landlords, allows the county assessor … Continue reading

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Penalties are harsh for violation of Chicago’s bedbug law

In Chicago, its not just the bedbugs that come with a bite.  The newly passed ordinance has some pretty staggering penalties.  Based on my initial read of the bed bug legislation, there are two enforcement arms.  Cases may be brought … Continue reading

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How long will it be until Chicago landlords mimic San Francisco’s landlords?

In addition to handling landlord-tenant legal issues for our clients, our firm also handles real estate closings.  One interesting trend I have taken notice of recently is the number of my landlord clients who have decided to quit.  That’s right, … Continue reading

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Buffalo Grove enacts new landlord licensing law

As I discussed just a few days back, we will take a closer look at rental regulations in the suburbs of Chicago.  The newest addition to the mix is the Village of Buffalo Grove’s Residential Rental Housing Program which was passed … Continue reading

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Renting in the ‘Burbs

I devote quite a bit of time on this blog to looking at Chicago and state (Illinois) landlord-tenant issues.  However, landlords in the northwest suburbs and Chicagoland in general should not think that they are left out in the cold.  … Continue reading

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2012 Landlord-Tenant Year In Review

2012 It was generally a good year for Chicago landlords.  Rents increased and vacancy rates were low.  Compared to 2010 and 2011 when there was a high amount of landlord-tenant legislative activity, 2012 was a pretty tame year for landlords.  … Continue reading

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Cook County Illinois landlords must change locks at end of lease term

The State of Illinois, by way of Public Act 097-0470, just amended the Illinois Landlord and Tenant Act, adding new section 765 ILCS 705/15, effective January 1, 2012, requiring landlords in counties with a population in excess of 3 million … Continue reading

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Update on Legislation

Looks like none of the laws up for vote on April 15, 2015 passed.

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Illinois landlord tenant legislation up for vote April 15, 2011

There are a number of bills up for vote on April 15, 2011.  Many of these are anti-landlord.  Landlords would be well advised to encourage their representatives to vote against the following bills (a link to the bill and the … Continue reading

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