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Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance Text

Chicago aldermen propose new landlord tenant law called Keep Chicago Renting to deal with foreclosure and landlord tenant issues in the City

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Chicago City Council considers tenant foreclosure protection law

Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance to be introduced to Chicago city council this week makes banks keep tenants until foreclosed property is sold

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Chicago Life Safety requirements in effect soon

Chicago municipal ordinance 13-196-206(F) requires landlords & lessors to make life safety disclosures to tenants and lessees in leases

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Oak Park landlords beware

Unlike most municipalities in Illinois, Oak Park has a number of municipal code provisions that govern rental agreements and leases

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North Chicago’s Landlord Licensing Law

North Chicago landlords will have to comply with new rules before they can legally rent residential property and real estate

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Snow Removal in Chicago and Illinois

There are varying laws related to the removal of snow and ice for landlords and tenants in Illinois leases depending on municipality Chicago Evanston

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