CALL TO ACTION: Call your Alderman and the Mayor

Chicago landlords, Act Now!

You’ve probably been reading over the past 24 hours about an ordinance affecting landlord-tenant law that a Chicago Alderman is allegedly threatening to introduce to the City Council next week.  I have been in contact with a source who is close to the situation who has informed me that this is the time to act.

The ordinance we have seen is a serious threat to Illinois eviction jurisprudence in Chicago forcible entry and detainer cases, will likely reduce the value of rental real estate in Chicago, creates new red-tape for landlords, contains unfair provisions, and is a major threat to property ownership and property management in Chicago.

So, what can you as a landlord do?

Call your Alderman.  Call the Mayor.  Let them know that you do not support any form of a “Good Cause” requirement on rentals in Chicago.  Make your voice heard on this issue.  Landlords cannot be expected to run their rental businesses under these circumstances.  This link will provide you with the identity and contact information for your alderman.  This link provides the Mayor’s website.

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Breaking down the Chicago “Good Cause for Eviction” ordinance

Yesterday, I went through the provision of the allegedly proposed Good Cause for Eviction ordinance provision allowing for eviction based on non-payment of rent (provided the tenant doesn’t make good before an eviction order is entered).  Today, I’ll examine the second reason that a Chicago landlord will be able to non-renew: habitual late payments. Continue reading

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Chicago Good Cause Eviction Ordinance to be Proposed

What about landlord’s rights?

I received from a friend a copy of an ordinance that one of the Chicago Alderman is apparently planning to present to the Chicago City Council on May 23, 2018. The ordinance appears to be penned by the tenant-friendly Lawyer’s Committee for Better Housing.  Its contents are shocking.  If you are a landlord, prepare to be shocked and awed as your property rights are whittled away.  The law is known as the Good Cause for Eviction Ordinance.  A text of the entire proposed ordinance, as believed will be introduced, can be found here.  A number of other landlord-hostile cities have adopted ordinances similar to this one.  The stated goal is to stabilize the community against greedy landlords.  A position paper from the Lawyer’s Committee for Better Housing dated February, 2018 indicates that “If “housing is a human right,” then it begins with “security of tenure,” which promotes long-term neighborhood stability.”     So what does this proposed law, in part, do? Continue reading

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Rent control repeal seems to stall

A day after CNN reported of the death of a New Yorker who had been paying $28 per month in rent as a result of a rent controlled property she rented from 1955 to 2018, reports come out of Springfield that the Illinois legislature seems to be stalling in attempts to overturn the Illinois’s Rent Control Preemption Act.  The Real Deal, a Chicago real estate web news organization, indicates that legislation to repeal the law that protects Illinois landlord’s from municipalities seeking to impose rent control policies has stalled with only a few weeks left in the summer session. Continue reading

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Confusion with respect to Chicago’s Recycling Ordinance

Does this law apply to “small” landlords?

Chicago recently amended its recycling ordinance, effective January 1, 2018, to fill in the gap between the City of Chicago’s “Blue Cart” recycling and the recycling for private multi-unit residential properties (big condos and rental units of 5 or more units).  The law includes a provision calling for “tenant education” in the form of informational flyers.  While the law APPEARS to be targeted toward those units that are 5 or more, there’s nothing in the law that “exempts” smaller buildings.  That leads to a question as to whether or not small building owners need to comply with the tenant education section of the law. Continue reading

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Updates on trending Illinois and Chicago landlord-tenant stories

Over the past months, we have been tracking a few stories that will affect landlords and their rental businesses in the Chicagoland area.  We wanted to take a moment to provide some updates.

With respect to the potential change in Illinois Supreme Court Rules related to the contents and attachments to an eviction complaint that we discussed in early march, it appears that the proposed rule change is not being considered at this time and is now listed on the court’s website as “withdrawn”.

At the end of 2017, we also discussed the attempts Continue reading

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More on “sealing” eviction records in Illinois

When will the eviction madness end?

Yesterday, the Chicago Reader ran an article entitled “Failed eviction attempts wouldn’t haunt tenants under proposed state law“.  The article touts the benefits of a proposed state law to automatically seal eviction records in Illinois.  Continue reading

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Proposed law would seal most eviction cases

Legislative Alert!

On February 13, 2018, Representative Emanuel Chris Welch introduced House Bill 4760 that proposes to seal all eviction records for the first 30 days after a case is filed and at various other points in the eviction process.  Since its introduction, nineteen state representatives have signed on as sponsors of the bill, many from the Chicagoland area.  This would be a state statute and would apply throughout Illinois. Continue reading

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Possible shake-up coming to Illinois eviction procedure

Changes to Illinois Eviction Complaints

UPDATE: see here
The Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice, by way of proposal18-03 (UPDATE: the proposal language is no longer available and merely shows as withdrawn). is proposing a new supreme court rule that would change the basics of an eviction complaint throughout the state.  The rule is set to be heard by the rules committee on March 26, 2018.  Continue reading

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Follow up on eviction timing

I just saw a story in the Chicago Tribune indicating that the Cook County Sheriff “this week” enforced an eviction order entered on December 15, 2017 against a Logan Square health club.  Doing some quick math, that’s about an 11 week delay between the order and enforcement.  As I mentioned in my last post, this is unscientific and every case is different, but it gives a general idea of how things are running right now.  The good news is that the 10 day forecast still looks like everything will be above the Sheriff’s cut off temperature.

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