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Proposed law seeks to impose penalties on landlords for tenant crimes

IRPOA urges landlords to contact their representatives Senate Bill 1547 has passed the Illinois Senate and is being debated in committee tomorrow at 10am in the Illinois House Judiciary Committee.  The Illinois Rental Property Owners Association is asking landlords to … Continue reading

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Bellville Illinois added to long list of towns looking to impose crime free leasing standards

Belleville mulls landlord registration crime free leasing law for landlords to govern tenants amidst fair housing concerns

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Update on Skokie multi family licensing ordinance

Skokie Illinois’ plan to require landlords and owners of multi-unit residential buildings to register with municipality

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Skokie considers rental registration law for multi-family buildings

Update on multi-unit dwelling registration law ordinance in Skokie Cook County Illinois for rentals

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Governor Quinn signs new eviction legislation SB 1766

New Illinois law requires tenant notice in lease of lessor’s right to evict tenants & guests who commit crimes on or around a rental property

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Crime Free Addendums in Illinois

The requirement for landlords to include a crime free lease addendum in Illinois leases

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