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Sheriff working hard to reduce winter backlog

Tom Dart the Sheriff of Cook County and his deputies appears to be working hard to reduce the eviction backlog caused by the harsh winter

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Cook County Sheriff Sending Emails for Scheduled Evictions!

Cook County Sheriff informs landlord of pending eviction enforcement via email

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Quick Q&A: When does the Cook County sheriff work for evictions?

Does the Cook County Sheriff evict on weekends? What hours does the Sheriff evict?

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What happens after getting an order for possession?

Procedure for evicting tenant by the Sheriff after a Chicago landlord obtains an order for possession from the Cook County Illinois circuit court

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Quick Update on Sheriff Timing

How long it took at least one Chicago Illinois eviction placed with the Sheriff in the summer of 2012 to be enforced in Cook County

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Quick note: Cook County Sheriff speed

Right now, based on anecdotal experience, the Cook County Sheriff seems to be taking around four to six weeks to come out to enforce an order to evict a tenant. Frankly, for January and compared to previous years, that’s pretty … Continue reading

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Summer eviction delays?

Not only does our weather lately resemble January and February, but the time it take for the Cook County Sheriff to process an eviction is just like in January or February. The Sheriff’s office is now quoting that it is … Continue reading

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