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Polar Vortex Deja Vous and Eviction

Evictions and the Weather Forecast 2015 Although the eviction moratorium is set to end today, I have my doubts that the Sheriff will be working tomorrow.  The weather forecast for tomorrow (1/6/15) predicts a high of 14 degrees and a … Continue reading

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Update on extreme cold in Cook County as it relates to tenant evictions

Cook evictions called off because of cold weather. For those of you landlords who have been following the Cook County Sheriff’s eviction schedule web page, you will have noticed that evictions are once again this week canceled for the 24th … Continue reading

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How to kick out a tenant in Cook County Illinois

Warning, this is a “perspective” post for landlords!  A Chicago landlord and prospective client called me the other day and said he wanted to kick his tenant out.  Being the helpful landlord-tenant attorney I am, I began to discuss the … Continue reading

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Cook County Eviction Agreed Order Form Becoming More Common

In recent months, the judges in the Forcible Entry and Detainer Department of the First District of the Circuit Court of Cook County have begun suggesting, more and more, that parties before them use the “new” form “Agreed Settlement Order”.  … Continue reading

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Tenant Evictions are in full swing in Illinois

For our office, the beginning of the “eviction” season started out a bit slow (it is not a bad thing that landlords are, hopefully, collecting rent and doing better screening so that we do less evictions!).  However, for us, things … Continue reading

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Refresher on evicting a family member in Illinois

I have discussed roommate, guest, and family member evictions in the past, however, based on the number of recent questions I receive about Illinois evictions of family members and close relatives, I thought a refresher might be in order.

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Stick to the basics when it comes to evictions for nonpayment of rent

By now, my readers should know that the Illinois forcible entry and detainer statute is hyper-technical.  It is easy to get “off track” in an eviction.  Landlords can get easily distracted from the essentials of an eviction case.  When that … Continue reading

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Sovereign citizen defense fails in McHenry County criminal trespass after eviction case

An article in the Daily Herald describes a McHenry County man who now faces jail time for moving back into the real estate he occupied before being evicted.  According to the article, a jury found the man guilty of criminal … Continue reading

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Winter eviction moratorium set

As expected, the Cook County Sheriff will not be enforcing orders for possession to evict any tenants from December 19, 2011 to January 2, 2012.  After this coming Friday, tenants will have a 17 day reprieve from being evicted. However, … Continue reading

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But there is no lease!

I was recently contacted by a property owner who inquired about removing a tenant who is renting a room in the property owner’s house.  I explained to the property owner that the procedures of the Forcible Entry and Detainer Act … Continue reading

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