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Polar Vortex Deja Vous and Eviction

Evictions and the Weather Forecast 2015 Although the eviction moratorium is set to end today, I have my doubts that the Sheriff will be working tomorrow.  The weather forecast for tomorrow (1/6/15) predicts a high of 14 degrees and a … Continue reading

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Update on extreme cold in Cook County as it relates to tenant evictions

Cold weather delays tenant evictions in Cook County.

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Cook County Holiday / December / Winter Eviction Moratorium Starts Soon

No eviction order for possession will be enforced by the Cook County Sheriff in forcible entry cases from December 16, 2013 to January 3, 2014

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How not to evict tenants in Chicago

Tom Dart alleges property management company is serving illegal eviction notices

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After the Illinois eviction trial

After Chicago landlord obtains order for possession, Sheriff can enforce it. Landlords should not engage in wrongful eviction or change locks.

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Quick Q&A: When does the Cook County sheriff work for evictions?

Does the Cook County Sheriff evict on weekends? What hours does the Sheriff evict?

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What happens after getting an order for possession?

Procedure for evicting tenant by the Sheriff after a Chicago landlord obtains an order for possession from the Cook County Illinois circuit court

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Quick note: Cook County Sheriff speed

Right now, based on anecdotal experience, the Cook County Sheriff seems to be taking around four to six weeks to come out to enforce an order to evict a tenant. Frankly, for January and compared to previous years, that’s pretty … Continue reading

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Sovereign citizen defense fails in McHenry County criminal trespass after eviction case

procedure for criminal trespass after enforcement of order for possession in eviction

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Winter eviction moratorium set

Cook County sheriff will not evict this winter between December 19, 2011 and January 2, 2012

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