Cook County Sheriff outpacing DuPage County Sheriff

Based on anecdotal evidence, it looks like the Cook County Sheriff is currently evicting tenants sooner than the DuPage County Sheriff. Bravo Sheriff Dart. Hopefully, this will keep up.

By the way, be on the lookout for a post soon about DuPage County eviction procedures.

Have a good holiday!

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5 Responses to Cook County Sheriff outpacing DuPage County Sheriff

  1. Marissa says:

    Yes, the Sheriff’s Department is arriving in timely fashion. Sheriff arrived after 14 days of order of possession in commercial eviction. Question – as tenant has not made any attempt to move out – how long do you have to give them??? 7 days enough?

    • Richard Magnone says:

      If the Sheriff has already arrived, the tenants should be out. If you are referring to the tenant’s property, that’s a different story. The post-eviction procedure depends on what County the eviction takes place in.

  2. Marissa says:

    Yes, lots personal property for commercial eviction in Cook County. Is Landlord responsible to store their property if they do not pick up within a date designated by Landlord? When does it (if ever) become the Landlord’s property for disposal?

  3. morrie says:

    I am wondering when a friend of mine is going to be evicted. They have been living in a property that is foreclosed and they recently told me they had “60 days” to get out.
    Is there a way to find out there district and receipt number via the eviction schedule listed on sheriff Dart’s website. They live in Chicago.
    I can’t understand the eviction schedule.
    Can you help?
    I’m just curious. They have been there so long and it seems they should have been out by now.

    • Richard Magnone says:

      The explanation of how to find the district number can be found here. However, the Sheriff’s receipt number is only known by the person paying for the eviction service. Tenants do not generally know the exact day the Sheriff will be out to remove them.

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