2012 CRLTO Interest Rate Summary Released

This City of Chicago has made available the 2012 CRLTO security deposit interest rate summary.  The summary can be found here.  This is ONE of the TWO summaries that must be provided to tenants pursuant to CRLTO Section 5-12-170 when a rental agreement (oral or written) is initially offered pr renewed to a tenant or prospective tenant.  There is one version in English and one in Spanish.  (Remember, the ordinance summaries must be in the same language as the lease / lease negotiation.)

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2 Responses to 2012 CRLTO Interest Rate Summary Released

  1. Michael Michalak says:

    Thanks Rich! Just helping a landlord today and needed this document. Can you believe even the Chicago Assn of Realtors hasn’t updated their form yet…?

    Michael Michalak
    Remax Signature

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