Chicago’s first blizzard and landlord tenant snow removal

City of Chicago rules for shoveling sidewalks!

Remember, the city requires that Chicagoans must remove ice and snow after a snowfall.

Our first big snow of 2011 calls for a refresher with this link to our post from February about a landlord and tenant’s obligation to remove snow and ice.  Our snow and ice removal “cheat sheet” can be found after the break.

The City’s snow removal ordinance (Section 10-8-180 of the Chicago Municipal Code) can be broken down as follows:In general, landlords or people in “control” of the building are responsible for shoveling.  A landlord can transfer the obligation to a tenant by way of lease (one more good reason not to use an unmodified form lease off the shelf).  However, that obligation on the part of the tenant might not necessarily insulate the landlord from liability to the City or people who are injured as a result of snow and ice.

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