Chicago City Council considers tenant foreclosure protection law

It is expected that alderman will introduce the “Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance”, sponsored by 33rd Ward Alderman Dick Mel and others, this Wednesday July 25, 2012.  The law, if passed, will require lenders who foreclose on a property to allow most tenants to remain in a property until the building is resold to a new landlord.  The law is backed by a number of community and public interest groups and is sponsored by at least 18 aldermen.  The law would also require lenders to maintain the rental properties.  Whether or not national lenders want to be landlords remains to be seen.  Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart also supports the measure and has indicated he will pursue a similar statute for Cook County.

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6 Responses to Chicago City Council considers tenant foreclosure protection law

  1. JDS says:

    So we have a tenant that has been ordered by the court to leave on a date in August. We’re looking for a sheriff in anticipation that they won’t go, but in the event that they are still there the day after, would we have the legal grounds to cut off all their utilities as owners of the building? Could we change all building exterior locks and not provide them keys legally?

    • Richard Magnone says:

      NO WAY! A landlord can not – let me repeat that – CAN NOT cut off utilities, lock a tenant out, take doors off their hinges or any of the other unlawful self-help methods that force a tenant out. The sheriff has the right, pursuant to the court’s order for possession, to remove the tenant – not the landlord.

      Once the Sheriff removes the occupants, the landlord is free to take back possession and change locks.

  2. Truth and Justice says:

    I really love Tom Dart. This one man literally has fought the elites (banks/servicers, lien holders, etc.) when no one else would.

    This man is a hero. I like Rahm in many ways, but I would love a Mayor Dart.

    Keep up the great work, Sheriff!

    • Richard Magnone says:

      I appreciate your opinion. As with most political issues, there are two sides to the story and there are parties on the other side of these issues who might not agree.

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